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Originally Posted by Intress View Post
I was just curious cause I've never heard that sound playing at the part of Korriban. Just seems weird I'd have Rodian pain/death sounds playing as I'm entering Deshdae just after getting off the Ebon Hawk. As long as nothings wrong there, that's fine.
I think it is part of a change in the ambient music switched after you have your first encounters with Sith Academy students torturing civilians for fun
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Thanks for replying, I'm quite stumped to be honest. I'm thinking the best bet is to just backup saves and reinstall everything afterwards. Other than that I'm not sure what to do, cause I'm not knowledgeable and don't need to mess up anything trying to edit files.
I might be concerned about your savegames... they may not work well with a fresh install. That is a sad part of saves with conflicted mods in them...

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