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Originally Posted by Qui-Gon Glenn View Post
Suspect Numero Uno.
So, 90SK's robes is the likely cause? I was having the models switch on me before I used the mod if I recall, then I installed it and Ajunta Pall changed from a dark jedi to some vaguely Nemo/Deadeye Duncan lookalike. I think maybe after that my character model started changing too. Model would change to a female twi'lek or the hooded dark jedi model. I didn't know what caused it, but fixed it with KSE and then stopped using it the minute I saw Pall, and afterwards his model never returned to normal.

Originally Posted by Qui-Gon Glenn View Post
I think it is part of a change in the ambient music switched after you have your first encounters with Sith Academy students torturing civilians for fun
Huh, interesting. I've never had that happen before. As long as it's nothing I should be concerned about.

Originally Posted by Qui-Gon Glenn View Post
I might be concerned about your savegames... they may not work well with a fresh install. That is a sad part of saves with conflicted mods in them...
Oh well, I've had to restart before. Well, if the saves no longer work then that's just something I'll have to deal with. So, what do you propose? Should I reinstall everything and hope for the best, or figure something else out? I liked 90SK's robes, but if they're gonna cause problems with my 2da's then I don't think I'll be able to use them in the future.

Thank you for your welcome, glad to be hear.

EDIT: In your opinion Qui-Gon, would you suggest I not use 90SK's because it would cause this problem again? Do you know of a similar mod reskins the default robes or adds new ones, and won't cause any problems? I did quite enjoy the way they looked, because if not I think maybe I'll just stick with robes for BoS:SR.

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