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Man, this was one of the most hyped maps in JK history (short of the many variations on Canyon Oasis). I ran through it a few times and it wasn't too bad, but I never played it with more than 1 person (making it just a cat 'n' mouse thing). Looks like an RPG level if I ever saw one, but I can't blame the creator(s) for thinking big.

Considering every website had it back in the day I'd have suggested the wayback machine if it couldn't be found otherwise. Admiral's Command Chambers is SP focused, iirc.

Frankly I don't think there's any reason for these files to die (JK/Mots forever!), so I suggest putting up mirrors in the future. Seems like I had every single file I ever came across for these games back in the day but they're lost in a sea of binders, spindles and CD stacks I no longer have at my finger tips.

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