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NAME: Juhani
GENDER: Female
RANK: Grand Master of the Jedi Order.

BACKSTORY: Juhani has been part of the Jedi Order for years. As a Knight she fought in the Jedi Civil war with the former Dark Lord of the Sith Revan. During the first Jedi Purge she went into hiding to avoid the Sith. Now she leads the Jedi as Grand Master of the Order.

NAME: Zarev
SPECIES: Mandalorian
RANK: ((Formally) Mandalorian Battle Strategist
APPEARANCE: Nobody really knows what Zarev looks like under his dark red armor. He rarely takes his armor and helmet off.

BACKSTORY: Not much is known about Zarev except that he was involved in the Mandalorian wars under Mandalore the Ultimate and then joined with Mandalore the Preserver before leaving the Mandalorians for an unknown reason.

He became a bounty hunter shortly after and gained a reputation as a bounty hunter who could get the job done. His current mission has him hunting down an organization known as "The Found".
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