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Originally Posted by Ztalker View Post
Nice to see some expert opinion here

How much do you recon an episode would cost? With decent special effects?
The shows I have worked on have not been huge budget productions, although The Walking Dead will have lots of FX. Regardless, nothing is cheap to produce... there are hundreds and hundreds of people working on the production most of the time, and they are not making peanuts, although PA's with family's are barely making a living out here. That's why that job is mostly done by young-uns

I think Tommycats figures for Firefly and Gallactica are good numbers. How would tripling the budget of Gallactica be practical? Casting is expensive... but I don't think Anthony Hopkins or Morgan Freeman, Russell Crowe or Tom Cruise are going to be lining up for these parts. Neither would Katherine Heigel or Ashley Judd or Uma Thurman... so paying them could push your budget there, but I am not sure how it serves the story. Better to pay less for lesser known actors that we can be immersed in their character playing without the distraction of knowing them already as so-and-so in such-and-such.

For special effects, G Lucas and Co can make effects cheaper and better than anyone else in their own opinion, which makes the number all the more ridiculous.

$25 million per episode would be a wet dream to any Production Group and UPM. I would think that everyone would get ridiculous rates, that Craft Services would have caviar and jumbo lump crab with Dom Perignon to wash it down, and nothing would ever get done.

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