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Darkness ruled the decrepit room. Fungal growth lined the cracks on the walls and a single lamp was held in suspension above the center of the room. Below it was a man strapped to a chair and a fully-suited Issac with a dripping red knife on hand.

Beaten and tortured, the wreck of a man looked up at his captor and cried. He knew that he would not survive. However, it wouldn't hurt to try.

“Issac, please, I know that we can-” the man attempted to beg, but was cut off as the knife plunged into his thigh. The man screamed and was not heard. Issac simply watched and waited for him to finish.

The man screamed for a few seconds before passing out, only to be revived a few moments later via injection administered by Issac. Groans of pain filled the room as the man came to and again looked up at Issac. The visor, with the skull carved into it, seemed to be grinning wickedly at the man. Under the visor, he knew that Issac's expression was emotionless. The suit was the personification of the scarred individual underneath, an individual he had helped create. His worst mistake.

“If you let me live,” the man sputtered, his speech slurred and his senses screaming, “then I can tell you something that you would want to know.” The man was actually surprised that he'd been allowed to finish the sentence. Despite his poor wording, he'd expected to be cut off again both literally and figuratively. Instead, Issac's head actually tilted in interest.

“If I let you live,” Issac replied, setting his foot on the man's uninjured leg, “then you tell me what I would want to know.” At that point Issac yanked the knife out of the man's leg.

“Yes! Yes! I'll tell you,” the man howled, “You already looked through your files right? The information based around you and the program? About your friends and family?”

“I did.”

“Not everything was in the files. Before we picked you up, we were tracking your sister as a candidate for the program.”

“Explain.” Issac said, now visibly interested.

“She goes by the name of Perdante Dareva. She was born nine years before you by your mother and given up for adoption in the Coruscant slums. Why your mother gave her up I don't know. We were tracking her for recruitment when she disappeared and she only reappeared recently as a Sith Initiate. She left the Sith and joined the Jedi in a mission to fight an anti-force cult known as the Found. We would have tried to claim her, but given her duty to the Republic and your siege of our operation, it was impossible.” the man explained, each sentence followed by moments of heaving.

“And where is she now?”

“She's aboard a Republic frigate called the Millennial, captained by Fara Starr. They're en route to Cocyta.”

“How does the director of the program know this?”

“I sanctioned experimentation with a force-inhibiting mineral that the cult now uses. The mineral was too unstable however, so the experiment was abandoned. When they started using it, we kept tabs.”

Under normal circumstances, such interrogation wouldn't have forced the man to give information that truthful. That being said, these circumstances were abnormal enough to make every one of his words absolutely true. However, he didn't expect Issac to believe him. More than likely, Issac thought this was just a well-crafted story for this inevitable scenario. So it surprised the man when Issac replied “I believe you.”

“You do?”

“I do. I will let you live.”

“Why?” That was not normally a question that the man would have asked, but Issac had a pattern of absolutely murdering everything.

“Because you are the failed byproduct of your own experimentation, and the Republic does not sanction failures of your magnitude. It buries them and makes sure they never see the light of day.”

The weight of this proclamation struck the man like lightning. It was true. After this, the man would never oversee the direction of any Republic position again. Life was all that mattered though and he could only let out a cry of relief as Issac removed his foot from the man's knee.

This jubilation only lasted a few short moments, however, as Issac walked behind the chair and plunged the knife into the back of the man's head. The man's body immediately slumped as Issac removed his knife.

“I lied.” Issac stated as he wiped the blood off the knife onto the man's motionless form. He sheathed the knife, took one glance around the room he was in, and added “But you did not.”
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