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((I'll introduce my second character in a few posts.))

Juhani's Quarters

Juhani's dreams were filled with darkness. The future was clouded far beyond her ability to see. But what she could see filled her with confusion. She knew that what she could see was fragmented but even the fragments that she could see made no sense.

Fighting back to back with a Mandalorian wearing dark red armor. But that didn't make sense. The Mandalorians were reforming under the banner of Mandalore the Preserver on the moon of Dxun.

Juhani didn't hate the Mandalorians despite their part in the near genocidal attack on cathar, As a jedi she was able to put her hatred of the Mandalorians behind her. But she still didn't trust them.

So why would I be fighting with one of them? And who is this enemy that we are fighting? What foe could possibly be dangerous enough that I would fight with a Mandalorian?

Juhani simply sighed and decided to quite trying to meditate and decided to check on her apprentice. She knew that Perdante was upset by what had happened to the prisoner that they had captured. She could feel how upset her apprentice was through the force.

The doors to her quarters opened and Juhani walked through on her way to the mess hall.
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