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"I hope not," the Jedi Knight replied, trying to return Sal's smile but finding it extraordinarily difficult. "In this case, Khristoff and Pauel's primary weapon is not a blaster, a starship, or even the Force! It's a metal which happens to be highly toxic, and like all metals, this ostanovium could be concentrated almost anywhere. I'd like to think that's what killed Pauel, and not..." She trailed off, not wanting to offend Sal or arouse his own suspicions in addition to hers.

"Regardless, you're right. We will find Khristoff, and he will fall." Perdante's voice suddenly turned cold. "No one can cause as much death and destruction as he has without paying the ultimate price. I consider myself fortunate," she continued, the ruthlessness in her tone vanishing, "that I myself haven't been slain. That's a typical end for a Sith, even an Initiate such as I had once been." She raised an eyebrow toward Sal, wondering if he'd judge her harshly for this.
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