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Originally Posted by Prime View Post
What kind of customization? Sounds like you can't even ditch the second lightsaber silliness.
Dunno, thats what he claimed... Although i'm kinda immune to LA's crap marketing strategies... These guys keep ranting that there's a whole new slew of powers, but all that they've shown till now is mind trick... You must've have noticed that the guybrush threepwood costume will be available in the final game... Well some dude at LA tweeted that "It was fun CHOKING stormtroopers as guybrush threepwood" So there's a good possibility that we might get that power as well...

As for char customization, that might be the same old lighsaber crystal and power crystal stuff, or the fact that you'll be able to use any 2 colors might be char custom for them... loll...

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