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Deesnyder, I hope the rumors are just the tip of the iceberg. If TFU3 isn't going to happen--assuming TFU2 is a failure--wouldn't Lucasarts instead make an expansion pack for TFU2?

Might be a business tactic, getting us wondering and going crazy...then we jump out of our seats as we play the game. I hope that's what they're doing--but watching all those vids on TFU2, I got the impression:

1) The staff fixed TFU1's bugs as part of TFU2
2) They're enthusiastic about their 'finished product' and keeping plenty quiet
3) We don't know if they'll make an expansion pack of TFU.

Personally, I'd love to see "what-if?" levels. Wouldn't it be a pleasant surprise, for instance, if you beat the game on the second-hardest difficulty...then find a number of levels where you find starkiller is the new luke skywalker?.

I hope Lucasarts has gotten far more imaginative than they're letting on. That might be why they're being vague.

Just my thoughts.
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