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I have always have a doubt reading this forum.... a lot of people find mira hot...

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But is it just for the clothes? because about the face I think she's not very pretty and looks pretty old... But, is true that on the other hand we don't the other kotor girls are not sex bombs ..

Visas seems pretty, but we can't really say.. since we only see half of her face. (But I guess I prefer her than mira, even that said...)

Juhani: Just an horror.

Handmaiden: well my judgment is not really fair since I've seen her on her (hideous) underwear. xD But I don't find her very attractive, but I also have to take in consideration that I like long hair so... I guess she gave a prettier face than Mira.

Mission: She's just a teenager, but actually she look pretty, but too young for me to find her "hot".

So I would like to know if you really find her pretty/hot, or if it's just that you don't like the others?

(I voted Bastilla)

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