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FIrst off, it doesn't seem like they've made significant strides in the whole "destructible surroundings" thingy, but its not negligible as well.. So here's my version

2GB RAM xp, 2.5GB vista and 7
Intel core 2 duo e7500, AMD Phenom2 x3 710
512mb GE Force 8800GT, 512mb ATI radeon HD3870

Question for the experts
This game should be optimized to use all 4 cores on the pc right??? given that the 360 is a tri core and ps3 is a quad core..

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Gaming Config:

512mb geforce 9800GT clocked @ 666, 1674, 1145
2GB DDR2 RAM clocked @ 496 on 2.15v VDIMM
AMD Athlon 2 x4 635 2.9ghz clocked @ 3.6ghz on cooler master hyper tx3
vcore = 1.410v
35c idle and 50c full load(no push pull config)
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