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Post Clone War: What a father will do to protect his child

The piece flows well, the new and improved Code is merely simplifying the situation.

It’s been a while, but you still do good work.

Order 66- The Edge
Jedi Man

Clone War Era: A Jedi survives the extermination order on Kashyyyk

The piece is short and a bit confusing. Most of that confusion you know is back with whatever Jedi are still alive fighting for their lives.

Galactic Comedy Central: The Daily Korrbolt- Episode II
Jedi Master 12

Post KOTOR: The talk show serie continues

I had a lot of fun with the first part of this one and the fun continues. Jolee going at it hammer and tongs with the host, who I agree isn’t fast on the uptake is funny.

Lies like Clockwork: Chapter 2

Continuation of Runs Like Clockwork: The gnome girls heads for school

The society is fleshing out, and my main curiosity is about the main character and her friend. She makes them sound like misfits, but doesn’t adequately explain why.


Trials and Tribulations
Revans Pet Duck

Pre Mandalorian Wars: The Jedi prepare to face the Mandalorians

The piece is the calm before the storm. The young Jedi are full of anger, and prepared to fight. They only wait for the order.

Right and Wrong
Revans Pet Duck

Pre Mandalorian Wars: Bastila remembers the beginning

The piece is a good counterpoint of the one it followed; when all you have are two bad decisions, which do you make? Her own confusion is also counter pointed because she has mixed emotions about the fighting.

The makings of a hero

Mandalorian wars on an embattled planet: As a young man dies, Carth is struck by melancholy, and the desperate wish to remember his name.

The piece is an excellent war story told not from the front lines, but from within the encampment. Carth’s sarcastic look at the propaganda machine fits the character well.

Pick of the week

A Rude Awakening

Originally reviewed July 27th, 2006. That review is below:

After the destruction of the Star Forge, the Republic Troops have a blast to be remembered. Both Bastila and Alana however would rather forget it.

The piece started with four disclaimers, ending with one that meant the author really expected flak.


Then I read it.

After I was done laughing, I decided, what could I say? First, having two of the characters end up in bed didn’t disturb me as much as it did them. Mission’s reaction was choice and brought even more laughter. Juhani’s was icing on the cake.

My complaints are to the other reviewers. First, I have had too much to drink before, so I understand waking up in bed with someone and not being at all sure what might have happened. While one appears to have been nude, and the
other topless, that doesn’t mean anything happened. (I know, you’re all sitting out there saying ‘Ah the Critic protests too much methinks!’ but it is true. Mission’s reaction is what I would expect from a girl her age. Juhani’s was taken as a lesbian offer, but think about it? The principles don’t remember what happened, the only existing picture is of them SLEEPING. She was just doing what every person who has ever caught a friend in such a position would have done, teased them unmercifully. Ask me about the hole in the bedroom floor sometime.

Against All Odds

Originally posted 27 July 2006, That review is below:

As Ebon Hawk leaves at the start of KOTOR II, Carth pours out his own angst.

I have been bombarded with people asking me what I thought about a game I didn’t even own since I began this column last October.

A friend bought me a copy of The Sith Lords on the 26th, the day after my birthday, but I have yet to load it. I don‘t know if I have enough room on my hard drive.

But this one piece, with Carth watching his love go into danger without him makes up for everything I have yet to do in that new game.

I immediately recognized ’Take a look at me now’ by Phil Collins, and the music fit the situation better than it did in the movie that used it. I can feel the angst Carth is feeling. Worth not only a second look, but a third and fourth one as well.

Reprise Pick of the Week

Of Loss and Leaders

Originally reviewed July 27th, 2006. That review is below:

Interim just after KOTOR I: With Revan gone to save the universe, All Carth has is the memories of their epic journey and his own heart break.

Fifteen people read and commented on this. Most of them said everything I would want to say. The work is excellent only needing rereading (You accidentally used the word glass when you meant gloss) to be exquisite. The memories of a lost love, and all that lead up to that loss are expressed in poignant detail, and heartbreaking clarity.

Well done.

Reprise Pick of the Week

See the Light
Miss Becky

TSL aboard Ebon Hawk: Bao Dur finds a different side to Visas

The piece sort of drifts along, seeing the crew at rest and play. No major events are chronicled, just a lazy evening.

Dreams Are Where Truth Sleeps
Amber Penglass

TSL aboard Ebon Hawk: A nightmare spices up the scene.

There isn’t much to the story when you come down to it, just a typical wake the person from a nightmare, but the scene runs with the emotion of the characters, and the deepening relationship. Very well done.

Pick of the Week

Destiny's Knight II: The Sith Wars
Sith Lord Darth Revan

Post KOTOR: After surviving an attempt by the Republic to assassinate them, Revan and Bastila regain the Sith throne.

The piece flows well, and the interjection of events in Republic space explain a lot of the back story. Revan having a second apprentice made an interesting commentary on the events.

Life Waves

Post KOTOR: Revan concentrates on her past with a certain flyboy

The piece flows well, but there are confusing gaps. Revan goes from remembering conversations with Carth to protecting the children from a rancor, leaving the reader floundering.

A Lot to Forgive
Amber Penglass

Pre TSL: Atton goes through his own nightmares.

The piece flowed well, and Atton’s remembrances are pure Atton.

Hard to Leave, Harder to Stay
Saerry Snape

Post TSL: Atton considers his future

The piece flowed well, but was too short to get a grasp.

'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

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