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((Okay guys, new plan: Let's do a timeskip. That way we can get to the point where you guys don't have to wait much longer. So right now, Lyna and Sethos are on top of a cliff, dueling. This is the point where Master_Archon (Sethos) can finally strike.))

(Moments later)

"Atrila! How you holding up with these Sith and Stormies?!" Syana asked as she killed a few Sith and Stormtroopers.


Lyna, now on the cliff with Sethos, continued to duel the Sith lord. There had to be some way to stop him. If it meant her dying as well... then so be it. As she jumped away from him, Lyna stood and deactivated her lightsaber. "Grandpa. I will not fight you. We're family. Family should never go against one another. You understand that, don't you?" She sighed and turned around, watching the battle take place. "Ya know... this reminds me of the battle in the Old Republic days. I often wonder... will peace ever be restored? As a little girl... I've always longed for peace. Haven't you, Grandpa?"

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