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Originally Posted by salam263 View Post
i have read them and the one that tells me what to do, tells me that i should be able to go to that meeting now.. but i can't. the woman tells me that there are supposed to be three guys cooming to that meeting.... And right after that the party selection screen turns up and i can choose who i should have with me.. but then i try talking to the woman again.. same thing happen... and i can't get thrue the door either.... is something wrong or is it i who don't know what to do?
I remember having a little difficulty here once, maybe....

Kobayshi likes to get himself into trouble. You may need to look around for him in different areas that you can access... for some reason I think you find him where you wouldn't necessarily expect him, because he has been *delayed*.

I know I am being a little cryptic, but honestly I cannot remember how it plays out. You may be having an instance of mod conflict, but I cannot be sure. Try exhausting accessible Korriban for Kobayashi's presence, and if you cannot find him, then perhaps we can delve further.

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