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Fara's eyes widened as she saw the bleeding Jedi come running at her, and she turned towards her with arms outstretched to catch her as she stumbled. The captain looked up at Mica, a new anxiety in her expression. "Mica!"

"The med team's already on it's way." He called back, his forehead furrowed as his fingers flew across his console.

"You found an open channel?"

"It's unencrypted, so whoever is out there can hear whatever we're saying." He answered, "But it's working."

"Good - keep it that way, and get some technicians to the engine room immediately!" Fara turned then to Perdante, brushing one hand across her face to try and clear her skin of the blood. If she could just see what was actually bleeding..."Assassins?" She asked, repeating the gasped word. "What are you talking abo--ooout!"

The word turned into a cry as the ship gave another jerk and sent Captain Fara to the ground - Perdante on top of her - and many others along with her.

"I've got one engine!" Sal announced, a moment too late.
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