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"Once we're aboard we let them loose and slip off unnoticed during the initial chaos. Is that sound? Or do I have it wrong?"

"You're in the right mind. We'll go let them do their thing, while the rest is up to us..."


It seemed that meeting was only a moment ago, even though in actuality a few hours had passed. During that time, the ship was caught within the main tractor beam of one of the Primary Star Destroyers.

Hidden within the secret compartments of the ship, the Imperial Scanner Team could trace no signs of the crew. After reporting the situation to their command, it was a matter of Cade and his team covertly taking out the scanner team and hiding their bodies within the compartments.

Fast forwarding to the present moment, it was only a few moments ago that the Ysanna Warriors created a distraction within the main dock, so that to lure the majority of security personel and militia - while the shadow team; Slate, Cade and Nale, proceeded onwards to the Primary Control Bridge. It was only a matter of taking out the guards and personel.

"Slate, lock the doors fast!" Cade called from across the vast bridge, overlooking a vast view of the planet below. Nale walked over to one of the consoles, and began working. Cade shifted his eyes all over the place, ensuring nobody else but them were present.
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