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So after much fiddling around and re-installing and following your guide... Mine still wouldn't run properly. I finally figured out how to make it run.. but it doesn't make much sense. For some reason my game seems unaffected by anything I manually put into the .ini file.. fullscreen set to 1 or 0 does nothing.. setting the resolution does nothing. In game settings will stay set though and show up properly in the .ini. Anyway to get mine to run I have to alt tab out during the Lucas Arts start up screen.. If I don't the game will crash to desktop but stay running in that frozen crashed state as if it's playing.. Once I alt tab back into the game the bioware screen will pop up.. it'll keep going until the New/Load game screen and then be in some amazingly strange resolution where all I can see is the top left of the screen and a little bit of Maleks head.. I then press alt-tab again and the screen will correct itself to the 1200 x 1024 res. I had tried the widescreen patch earlier and it just doesn't seem to work with 1600x900 res... so I gave up on that. I"m just glad to have it running at all. I really have no idea if any of your stuff helped or if I had installed normally and just alt-tabbed out in the first place everything would have worked. But thanks at least for providing instructions that kept me trying long enough to discover the alt-tab thing.
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