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Lyna laid on the jungle's floor, dying. However, she felt no anger, hate, or any other emotions. She only thought on what it would be like to be One with the Force. Then, she remembered the teaching her mother gave her when she was a little girl..


"Mommy? What's it like to be One with the Force?" Coral Mai smiled down at a seven-year-old Lyna.

"Hmmm. It's actually wonderful. When we say 'One with the Force', it means to retain our identities after our physical death, thus becoming One with the Force. This is through the Living Force, which is present in most living beings, surrounding and penetrating them, making all living things connected by the Living Force..."

(Present day)

Lyna looked up at the blue skies weakly. However, her vision was becoming blurry. "May the Force be with you... Cade..." she said through her bond to Cade weakly. And with that, she was gone...

(Moments later)

Jojo and Jomo, along with the others, saw Lyna's body. "Lyna!!" the twins shrieked. They knelt beside her and began to cry. "Please get up!" Jojo said, as the teenaged girl held Lyna. After Syana caught up with them, she gasped. She comlinked Cade in panic. "Cade! Something horrible happened to Lyna! She's... she's dead!"

(In the Netherworld of the Force)

Lyna woke up, looking around. She slowly stood up, observing her surroundings. To her, the landscape looked... heavenly.

"Where am I?"

((Alrighty then! I've decided to make a new chapter of this, after Lyna's funeral. This time, more action and adventure will begin, with secrets and surprises revealed! Anyway, I don't wannna spoil it for you guys. ))

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