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Smile Asking for a mod (I don't know where to put it exactly)

Hello 'brothers'!

I'm a new guy 'round here. I had some problems in the past with the game but this forum really helped in some situations. But oddly enough, I didn't wanted to register because I knew I'd found help without joining.

But now, I have a personal request for those who know how to mod RC.
I've played RC hundred of times, if not thousands. Although, I'm a bit tired of the weapons' ammo capacity.

Can someone, please, mod the weapons ammo capacity and the ammo boxes?
Let's say:

DC-17 Blaster - 999
DC-17 Sniper - 999
DC-17 Anti-Armor - 9
ACP repeater gun - 999
ACP Array/Scatter Gun - 99
LJ-50 Concussion Rifle - 99
Wookiee Crossbow - 99
Geonosian Elite Beam Weapon - does this one has a ammo capacity?
Heavy ACP Repeater - 999
Thermal; flash & EMP grenades - 999

*The same for the ammo/grenades boxes.*

No special colors, no special power shot or other, just the ammo capacity.
Thank you for reading


*If this isn't the right section to create this topic, then I'm apologizing to the staff and ask to re-place it if necessarily.*


I've seen some kind of mod was created but it had some new skins, powershot and colors... and it isn't what I want.

*Edit 2*

I want this mod ONLY for single player.

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