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TSLURC - as described by Shem - was:

"Zbyl2 returns with a huge restoration mod for you all to play with. These are things the TSL Restoration Project by Team Gizka will not be restoring. These restorations include dialog spoken by an HK-50 unit after blasting the shuttle going to the Polar Region on Telos, Kreia talking about how the Exile doesn?t know what it means to be a Sith on Dantooine, a battle with HK-50 units on Goto?s Yacht, a cut scene with Darth Sion getting ready to go to Nar Shaddaa to destroy the Exile, Master Zez-Kai Ell in battle, and Atris in her Darth Traya outfit on Malachor V."
(Bold type and italics added.)

TSLURC was originally designed to add the material to the TSLRP. TSLRCM on the other hand goes beyond TSLURC's ambitions and seeks to replace TSLRP.

Back to the TSLRCM discussion already in progress . . .

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