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TFU 2 contradiction?

On the main website, it stats that

"Darth Vader has failed. His apprentice has proven worthless in helping him defeat the Emperor and in fact has helped give rise to the Rebellion. But, the Sith Lord has not given up so easily. In secret, Vader has cloned the original Starkiller and held him prisoner on the remote planet of Kamino. His purpose to create the ultimate Sith warrior and once again use him to challenge the authority of the Emperor. "

In TFU 1, I believe that from the point when Vader found him, he consulted the emperor about the boy and they decided to use him to find the rebels. The first time Vader Betrays SK when he stuck a lightsaber through his body, I thought that was just an act put on by Vader and Palp to sell the deception .

After betraying him again on the snowy planet, SK asked Vader "you never planned to destroy the emperor" Vader says "Not with you, no".

On the deathstar after SK died, Palp said "he was meant to root out the rebels".

IM confused. So my Q is, is there a contradiction here? In the info on the main site, it says Vader wants to destroy the emperor and that he was robbed of his chance when SK died, but the events of TFU 1 make me believe that he was just using SK from when he was born to root out the rebels. Or maybe I just misinterpreted the story in TFU 1.
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