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Originally Posted by TKA-001 View Post
It's not all that important what the main website says; compared to the game, novel, etcetera, it's a secondary source at best.

This I can't buy. If Vader hadn't ended up faking the apprentice's death on the Executor, he could have been sent on the mission to find the rebels and he would never have questioned the assignment like he did (Vader's betrayal was one of the main things that made the apprentice reconsider his motivations and goals).
I guess my Q is what happened on the Executor. Was it an act or not?

Scenario 1: Vader finds SK as a boy , goes to Palp and lets him know he finds a force sensitive child, and they discuss it. Palpatine tells Vader to train the boy so they can hunt down the last of the Jedi and any rebels to the empire. On the Executor, Palpatine tells Vader to strike SK down and prove his loyalty, but they are just selling the deception so that when Vader "saves" SK, SK will think that Vader still wants him as his apprentice and SK will feel more angered about the emperor and do his job of hunting down people with more vengeance.


Scenario 2: Vader finds SK as a boy, trains him without the knowledge of the Emperor, really does plan on destroying the emperor with SK. Vader calls starkiller to his ship, gets stabbed in the heart. Then Vader and Palp talk and they decide to save SK so that he can root out the rebels, even though Palp is pissed at Vader for raising an appretice.

What Scenario happened 1 or 2?
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