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Star Wars: Fighting for Peace

Star Wars

Fighting for Peace

Darkness has once again reign over the Galaxy, after Fel's forces, Stazi's forces, and the Jedi helped defeat Darth Krayt and his Sith Empire. However, a new Dark Lord has risen to power over, trying to take hold of the entire Galaxy.

Darth Sethos, Dark Lord of the Sith, has succeeded on defeating the one known as Lyna Honso. Although this defeat brings great joy to the Sith, there are many others still willing to take out Sethos and his forces. New allies will join the fight, and old allies will come to join them, helping to defeat Sethos and his Sith minions.

But elsewhere in the Galaxy, a scientist is willing to bring back a life to help the forces of good and stop Sethos. Someone who was once defeated, but are willing to fight for peace in the Galaxy...

Note: All right! So basically, this is Part 2 of the Legacy of Hope RP. What's gonna happen is that war will break out. And again, Marasiah Fel along with her forces, Gar Stazi's forces, and the Jedi will once again fight Sethos and his Sith forces. Even smugglers, mercenaries, and others will join to defend their homes and oppose Sethos as well. So... let's do this thing!


- No God-modding. Meaning that no players are all powerful than other players, no one will have their own superweapons, make up things that aren't Star Wars related, etc.

- You may play as characters from the Star Wars Legacy comics or make up your own character. You may play up to ONLY 3 characters if you like.

- Be kind to each other in OOC ((Out of Character)). You may insult the players' characters, just not the players themselves.

- Less swearing. This is a PG-13 RPG. You may use Star Wars terms like "kriff", "kark", "e chu ta", etc. if you like.

- If you have any question, just ask. Don't be scared.

- Last, but not least... Have a Great time!

Character Sheet


__________________________________________________ ____

Name: Lyna Honso

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Species: Human


Personality: Kind, calm, and soft-spoken

Homeworld: Coruscant

Occupation: Former Slave girl and Jedi Apprentice

Weapon(s): Blaster, Force-sensitivity with Force powers, her old master's lightsaber (orange) and a Sith Lightsaber (took it from a Sith she defeated). Lyna also wears Red goggles sometimes.

Ship: Her new ship called "Justice"

Bio: Lyna was born on Coruscant to Jasten and Sasha Honso. When they died of a raid in their home, Lyna was safely hidden in a secret closet. Her adoptive Jedi mother and Jedi Master, Coral Mai, found her then, during a mission. When Coral died, Lyna was taken at the age of 15 as a slave girl. But abused by her circus master, Bonty Zam, she fled. Lyna continued to dance on streets for credits, but when she laid eyes on Cade Skywalker, she fell in love. Ever since she joined up with Cade, she wanted to tell her feelings to him, but was afraid. Lyna also has a great connection with the Force.

After Lyna was defeated by Darth Sethos, her grandfather, on the planet Ossus, a long-time Togruta friend named Lemia secretly took Lyna's blood sample a year ago and went to another friend of hers, an old Kaminoan scientist named Sig Tapps. Lemia wanted to make a clone of Lyna, in case something happened to her beloved friend. The female Togruta also took Cyan the binjinphant and Lyna's old lightsaber from one of Lyna's relatives, Halana, as well. However, none of Lyna's living relatives knew why Lemia wanted Lyna's possessions.

After hearing the news of Lyna's death, Lemia and Sig were already ready with the new Lyna Honso aka Midnight.

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