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((I think I'll come back from death just for this xP lol))

Name:Isaac Oris
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Appearance: Click
Personality: Isaac is quiet and a bit of a loner. When he speaks it's usually a sarcastic remark or observation about another person. He has be considered rude, and arrogant.
Homeworld: Unknown (Maybe will be revealed with in the story.)
Occupation: Ex-Jedi (though still sticks to some of their basic ideals.) He does what he wants when he wants.
Weapon(s): Dual Lightsabers
Ship: Sticks to Public Transports.
Bio: Isaac Oris was found alone when he was a child and found to be strong enough in the force for training. Growing up with in the order he strived to see with his own eyes what laid beyond what he saw as a Jedi. How ever he grew self confident, and began to have trouble trusting the ones around him. Even the ones he once considered friends. Feeling as if the ones he once considered family as strangers he left the order and traveled.

Managing to keep himself hidden in area's considered strong in the force, if anyone was ever looking for him they had a difficult time finding him. Isaac doesn't consider himself a Jedi any longer, not even a Gray Jedi even. He just simply is because he just simple exists as he is.

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