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XWA Graphics broken by FX 8600

I had to upgrade my computer and video card from FX 7600 which did fine with XWA and the other games and now it looks awful.

I have a FX 8600 GT and i cant even raise the resolution from the most is grayed out. Is there any way to improve this? I had hoped to reload and replay the entire X wing series but may have to give it up. I dont know why Nvida keeps dropping support for older games...but it looks like it is pretty much gone for these. Any ideas?

When i first installed the game and added the XWAUpdate pack of improved ships i got basic polygons and no texture mapping at all int he hanger it was like a nightmare. so i unloaded and am trying with just the vanilla game but it is pixilated to heck, with little squares all over the station exterior and the ships.

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