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Zen took a step forward and swung his sword arm for the hundredth time now. Ever since they had found out where the Prophet of Truth had been hiding, the mighty Sangheili had been getting himself ready in the training room. This time he brought his sword arm back as well as one of his legs. He moved the same leg forward and thrusted his sword arm forward as well.

Khristoff would pay for everything he had done. For the deaths of many Found members, the death of Adeline, and now for hiding like a coward. Zen would avenge them all and return to them the honor they had lost when he killed Khristoff.

Suddenly the alien found himself hitting a wall. Zen snarled and quickly regained his balance. He picked up the sword he dropped and placed it at his side again. Zen left the training room and began to head to the bridge. His guess was that the attackers were going to take out all their engines and leave them wide open for attack.

The Sangheili had just made it to the bridge when yet another shot made the ship shake. Zen was able to hold onto a pole this time to keep himself from falling again. He arrived just in time to hear Sal's announcement.

"Our attackers approach us from behind, how cowardly of them." Zen remarked bitterly. He came to Perdante's aid and helped her stand on her two feet again. He noticed the blood and would let the Jedi lean on him if she needed the assistance. "Captain Starr, what are your orders?" he asked as he extended his arm down to her to help her up.
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