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Hey, this is my first post on this thread. I picked up KOTOR from Direct2Drive for my new computer. I have fully updated drivers and a gaming pc that can max this game easy. I'm using Windows 7 64 bit. I was having a few weird errors during my first few plays, but then it stopped working after the lucasarts screen. I uninstalled and reinstalled (which with downloading takes forever) and it worked again.

Then today it dind't work at all, which makes me very mad cuz I loved this game on Xbox and idk if I can go back to xbox after seeing how much better it is on PC.

Anyway, I have been running it in Windows service pack 2 XP all day and it wasn't working at all. I gets placed in the background after freezing and I have to log off to remove it. I tried running through the steps and deleted mss32.dll, but I can't find a legit copy of mss32.dll anywhere (my games are too new to have them on this, I searched), I downloaded a copy of mss32 from some website and put it in, but it didn't work at all. I need a legit copy of mss32 from somewhere I think.

Now when I start it with this janky mss32, the game runs fine.... except I have no sound.

All help is truly appreciated
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