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No Coke for you NY!


New York Asks to Bar Use of Food Stamps to Buy Sodas - The New York Times

Driving in the car the morning at first I did not notice the car was on AM radio until I heard the awful sound of Glen Beck. Before hitting the button, I heard him bemoaning New York City’s request to the United States Department of Agriculture to restrict the purchase of soda and other sugared drinks with food stamps. The request is for two years to study the effects this ban would have.

Sounds like an actual good idea to me. It does not mean someone cannot purchase a Coke. It just says they cannot purchase a Coke with government money. Not always, but most likely a food stamp recipient would not be able to afford health insurance, so why add to the governments expense further by buying a unhealthy choice in drinks. If anything, I believe the request does not go far enough it limiting the unhealthy choices we all make while grocery shopping. Not saying people should not be allowed to purchase what they want, just saying there should be limits when using government funds. I don’t want anyone to go hungry, but that does not mean they should be able to use government funds to purchase a diet of soda and ice cream.

Of course, since this is a Michael Bloomberg’s proposal, Glen Beck is against it (I wonder if he has any soft drink sponsors for his show?) Beck says this is a sign of government trying to take over. I say Beck is an idiot; the government should have some oversight in how our tax money is spent. Beck is also worried that this will make the lines longer at the stores because checkers will have to void out soft drinks purchased with food stamps, again I say Beck is an idiot, there are items already listed prohibited from food stamp purchases.

What do you think should, like Glen Beck obliviously believes, should food stamp recipients be allowed to purchase whatever they want or should the government limit these purchases?

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