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Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
PC Gamer Preview

A good read for anyone on the fence as they have almost all good things to say about it. Most important to many of you probably is that it has a much closer feel to the original two Fallout games than Fallout 3 did.
The article contains some useful information, but there are also some amazingly dumb comments in it.

Originally Posted by PCG Article
Something else you’ll notice early on (though perhaps not in the opening town of Goodsprings, which is a tad dull) is an overall improvement in characterisation and dialogue. Here, it honestly does feel as though some tenets of the Black Isle legacy are dripping through into the Obsidian melting pot.
Err, I thought that was what Obsidian almost exclusively traded on: non-moronic writing.

As with Fallout 3, many locations are based on real-world places
[Intelligence] So, Las Vegas is a real place, you say?

Even if Fallout’s visuals are getting rough around the edges, the VATS system can still be relied on, after so many hours of play, to provide the goods in terms of belly laughs at the sheer outrageousness of its representation of slo-mo body-rips and flailing mid-air carcasses.
Yeah, those IEDs are a barrel of laughs.
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