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Wait for me!

NAME: Tandra Kerthian, also known as Subject 9
GENDER: Female
RACE: Human
APPEARANCE: Like Rachel Solando/Emily Mortimer in "Shutter Island"
AGE: 40

BACKSTORY: Tandra Kerthian is clinically diagnosed to be insane. She claims that she can hear and communicate with the spirits of the dead. Normally, this would cause one to be called an "eccentric", and not a "maniac". On Coruscant, there are many others who make such claims, and a fine living out of them as well! However, unlike the mere charlatans and entertainers, Tandra is not pretending one bit when she says that she speaks to those who have passed out of this mortal world. In fact, it was the severe depression she experienced when speaking with Sethos' latest victims--or at least sensing their pain and wretched cries for help through the Force--that caused her to take a lethal dose of alcohol and street drugs. She was then institutionalized.

Unbeknownst to Tandra, she truly is sensitive to the Force, and those with whom she has spoken are present there. However, the hospital, by Tandra's explicit request, has scheduled her for electroconvulsive therapy to wipe her long-term memory. This would be disastrous, for at the base of Tandra's consciousness, there lies a doorway...a weak spot that Sethos can exploit. If she cannot remember her past life, or those who loved her and spoke to her, then how can she ever hope to fight against a presence set on destruction?
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