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Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
I dunno why he would be against it. I mean it actually might encourage those "lazy" people to go out and get a job so they can have their sodas.
Just want to be clear, not all those on food stamps are "lazy." Some have worked their entire life to support themselves and their families only to be kicked to the side by the current economic downturn.

I have a cousin that works about 38 hours a week (she would work more, but the company only allows employees to work less than 40 hours in order to prevent the extension of benefits.). A barely over minimum wage job does not provide the income necessary to support a family of four. Before someone bemoans lazy and having children just to get more money from the government, when she had the children she was married and had to the income to support everyone comfortably. Problem is death does not provide income and the dead do not pay child support.

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