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Coruscant Entertainment Center

My first Journey in to Kotor galaxy awaits.

KOTOR From Taris to Dantooine: A generic retelling of the story

I could tell after just a couple of paragraphs that English is the author’s second language. Because of that I will be gentle.

Remember to do a sight edit before posting; thou should be though, exited (left) should be excited, that kind of thing.

I Know
Amber Penglass

TSL On Korriban: The Exile talks to the one person in the crew who would understand her ordeal.

The piece is angst laden as the Exile relives the events in the tomb, and Atton is there to lean on afterward. There is nothing unsuspected or surprising, just two people reliving their own pains and healing each other.

The Way Things Were

Pre KOTOR: A Dark Revan visits herself five years earlier to direct her on her path.

The piece is interesting in that the future Revan is unwilling to allow herself to forgo the path.

Mutual Incompatibility
Helena L

Post KOTOR: The marriage ended almost thankfully

The piece was smooth and went from beginning to end without a ripple. The divorce was so sedate you almost missed it. There was a d-uh moment when they talked about the one and only time they had sex. Like she said, she was a Jedi, so why was that a surprise. What I wonder about is how they even got so far as a marriage with such a gulf of backgrounds.

The Huntress

Post TSL: A Mandalorain bounty hunter captures Mira, but it is only the first step

The piece was enjoyable because the Mandalorian is not the stereotypical maniac they are usually portrayed as. That alone made it worth the read.

Pick of the Week


Six years Post KOTOR: Mission has to bail Griff out of trouble again

I read the first three chapters, and it was interesting.

A Scoundrel's Company
Amber Penglass

TSL on Peragus: With both of them locked in the cell briefly, the Exile and Atton size each other up.


Hope’s End-Of Vao and Zaalbar

Originally reviewed 4 August, 2006, That review, is below:

With Revan Dead, Mission become what she hates the most.

A poignant and bothersome piece. As much as I hated the story line, I have to applaud not only the guts it took to write it, but the way it was handled.

Reprise Pick of the Week

The Way of the Genoharadan

Post KOTOR: A secret organization is mobilized.

The piece was a bit confusing because it is part and not part of the KOTOR period. It almost sounds like the self-serving protestation of the Illuminati.

Waiting for Her

Originally posted 11 August 2006, that review is below:

After KOTOR 1: In an alternate reality: Carth waits for his true love to return.

The style is poignant as Carth watches his children, and hopes that Revan, his wife will return. I can’t say anything good about this that 12 reviews on the site and 19 thumbs up haven’t already said.

Reprise Pick of the Week


Decades Pre KOTOR: The Jedi trials were a bit different…

It’s an interesting look at Vrook Dorak and Jolee back when they were still young. Dorak is just as studious as you would have thought, and Vrook just as impatient. But Jolee even as a young man was irascible, and oddly enough, brother of Dorak. His anger at the council is understood, because i could see them berating him prior to the war of Exar Kun because he fell in love, then getting smarmy because of Dorak’s find.

Luncheon at the Races

Pre KOTOR: Mekel needs to find some connections

The piece is well written, with a lot of interplay between the characters. Having Mekel be the one who seduced Dustil into the Sith was an interesting take, as was Mekel’s mother.

Come home soon

Pre KOTOR: Like Penelope, Morgana waits.

The piece is smooth and gentle, portraying a life spent on the sidelines. Morgana, like every military wife, spends her time doing what must be done, and wishing her husband will return. Very moving.

Pick of the Week

'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

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