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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
Other than the bugs, the biggest grip I've seen is not enough life in the wasteland and here you are saying there was too much..
There was too much crap in wasteland, not life; real life was scarce, that's true. Mirelurks, super mutants, ghouls, punk-rock raiders, and the occasional Securitron were abundant, all with the same intent to fight to the death. That's not real "life"; that's filler, and the frequency of it became mind-numbing.

The first two Fallouts had real people, real life. People didn't board themselves up around atomic bombs, squatting in their shanties. People didn't find the nearest subdivision and pitch tent; they didn't complain, complain, complain about the super mutant threat, yet when the threat becomes apparent, shrug their shoulders - resigning themselves to sleep in the daytime and to wander aimlessly about the village.

People were trading, people were farming, people were fishing; people seemed to be interested in improving the lives of themselves and others. Those that didn't were still trying to survive and earn a living, even if that meant exploiting others. Yeah, there were squatters, but they were either addicts, drunkards, complete bat****, or suffered some other affliction; D.C.'s citizenry, on the other hand, are subconsciously apathetic and lethargic.
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