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Star Wars: Fighting for Peace

Star Wars

Fighting for Peace

Darkness has once again reign over the Galaxy, after Fel's forces, Stazi's forces, and the Jedi helped defeat Darth Krayt and his Sith Empire. However, a new Dark Lord has risen to power over, trying to take hold of the entire Galaxy.

Darth Sethos, Dark Lord of the Sith, has succeeded on defeating the one known as Lyna Honso. Although this defeat brings great joy to the Sith, there are many others still wiling to take out Sethos and his forces. New allies will join the fight, and old allies will come to join them, helping to defeat Sethos and his Sith minions.

But elsewhere in the Galaxy, a scientist is willing to bring back a life to help the forces of good and stop Sethos. Someone who was once defeated, but are willing to fight for peace in the Galaxy...


An old, male Kaminoan slowly paced back and forth inside his secret lab in the underworld of Nar Shaddaa. "Tapps? Are you all right?" a voice said. Lemia, Lyna's old Togruta friend, stepped down from the stairs and stood face-to-face with the old scientist.

"Oh. Hello, Lemia. Well, to be honest, I'm actually worried for the young clone."

Lemia tilted her head in concern. "Why, old friend?"

Sig thought about it. Then he smiled sadly. "My ancestors use to make clones for the Republic during the Clone Wars. Then... they turned against their own Jedi Generals. I just hope that this clone I created is just like your friend. And not a mistake."

The female Togruta placed a gentle hand on Sig's shoulder. "Trust me, Sig. She'll make a fine Jedi. Just like the old Lyna Honso."

Sig sighed. "For your sake... I hope you're right." They both looked down in thoughtfulness...


"NOW APPROACHING: SOCORRO," the computer's screen descripted. Lyna Honso, the female clone, wanted to pay a visit to someone. Someone the old Lyna knew and never liked. She placed her red goggles on and grinned. "Showtime," she whispered.

After going through the atmosphere, Lyna could see that everything was a little ruined from the last invasion of Sethos' force. However, the Crimson Axe still stood. Landing on the docking platform and letting down the ramp, Lyna stepped out and was checked by a Gamorrean. She was then led to him... Rav.

Inside the Golden Gorg Cantina, Rav sat on his "throne", drinking and watching some scums figh, play sabacc, or have a conversation. Suddenly the door opened. Everyone had their attention on Lyna. Rav chuckled. "Well, well. The ghost of Lyna Honso has arrived. Or... maybe her "twin" has arrived." His goons laughed. Lyna stepped in and sat on Rav's table. "Heard you were dead, lassie. Missed ya too."

Lyna made a face. She probably guessed her old self disliked Rav. No wonder. "I need to make a deal with you, Rav. There's a guy I'm looking for. Actually, two guys. One is Darth Sethos. The other... Cade Skywalker. "And why are you lookin' for them?" Rav asked.

"Darth Sethos is the one I need to deal with. Yes, I am a clone of Lyna, and I'm sure Sig has told you that beforehand. But I don't want that spreaded out. Yet. And Cade... well, some of my memories of him are flashing the most. I need to see him. Meet him. And... maybe feel something about him."

Rav thought on this. Then he grinned. "Fine by me, lassie. Sethos is probably conquering worlds as we speak. And for the lad, he's probably off somewhere weeping for you. Check by Queen Jool's place in Zeltros. You'll probably find him there." Lyna smiled, and replied, "Thank you. Here's the plan: Call Cade. Tell him a smuggler has been ruining your shipments and you want me found. Then, after Cade confronts me, we'll settle everything." She took out a bag of 200 credits. "Deal?"

The male Feeorin looked at the creds. Then smiled and shook Lyna's hand. "Deal." Even though Lyna could trust him now, Rav had other plans up his sleeves...

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