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Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
Debatable really, because KotOR did perfectly well with a third-person view, as did The Witcher. While proper FPS-CRPGs are lacking by good reason, they can be done properly like System Shock 2 or Deus Ex, or even Morrowind for that matter.
Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
Then I'm not a real CRPG player because I hate that perspective. Will tolerate it if the story is decent, but I could never have played Oblivion or Fallout 3 from the isometric perspective.
Yeah, I should've put an "IMO" in there. Ideally, the player should be able to switch between the two a la Dragon Age (one of the few things that game ended up getting right in the end, IMO). I just think that isometric is superior in combat, especially in cases where the player is handling a large party, such as in the Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale series.

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