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Isaac Oris is a man in his mid-twenties, with medium length hair and eyes that were like staring into the Naboo oceans. He sat in a chair among one of several transports trying to head to one of the few planets left that haven't been conjured. The transport held the cries and moans of many who are now misplaced with no where really to go in this world. Part of his former Jedi training was going into effect, but he never really saw eye to eye with the Jedi order to well, he was one of few perhaps who would do what was necessary. Sometimes sacrificing the few was better than damning the whole in his mind. A data pad laid upon the table before him, gray and uninteresting to most, but to him it was his sanity in a world full of now so much grief. One sensitive to the force could lose themselves in such sorrow if they couldn't contain the feelings well enough. This simple uninteresting data pad held things for him of great value and secretes.

Every once and a while he would allow his a fraction of his force sensitivity to be shown just to see if anyone picked up on it. So far everyone was to distracted by the lives they had just lost, to either notice, or just couldn't feel it at all. It didn't really make much difference to him. Isaac lifted up his hands and grabbed his white hood of his long sleeve shirt and pulled it over his head, allowing his head to tilt down just slightly. Folding his hands upon the table near his data pad he closed his eyes and allowed his mind to stretch through the galaxy to feel anything, to see anything that could be of some help in these trying times. But right now all he saw was a weeping galaxy filled with pain.

"People need to stop feeling for five seconds." he mumbled quietly to himself, his tone of tone of voice low, yet soft.

With a little more concentration Isaac force himself to see passed the pain that Darth Sethos is causing. And as the shuttle fluttered through a dying galaxy there Isaac sat his mind searching for a solution. Reaching out for right now anything that may pick up his presence. Good or bad, if good he may have found help, if bad he wasn't out a way to defend himself.

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