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Well, first playthrough with this installed, on Telos Station and no bugs so far. I've noticed some of the changes mentioned and as one of those people who can't stand the smallest mistakes, I salute you! Great job on the mod, and thank you for all your effort.

Just have to ask, those bug fixes that TSLRP released, are they fixed here as well? In the OP there's only one change mentioned for Dxun, but there's the fix from TSLRP that corrects the puzzle you have to solve. Did you just forget to mention stuff like that?
Also, do all the Sith Marauders and Lords on Malachor still look like civilians?
And lastly, how come zibyl's Sion Peragus Arrival wasn't implemented? It's cut content, isn't it? As a complete noob to the techie stuff with no time l to learn, it would just be one less potential incompatability for me to deal with.
No offense meant.

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