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Here we go:

monkey2.000 and monkey2.001 are not extracted automatically yet. Use Monkey Island Explorer to get those files.

v0.1 beta:
- Some typos fixed.
- When begging for the bucket, the man doesn't look like he's sleeping anymore.
- Polishing the pegleg has its own counter now. It is no longer possible to get enough for Kate's ship anymore.
- Bloody Lip music and laundry music do not start anymore while Largo's theme is still playing.
- At Stan's, the direction Guybrush is currently facing is taken into account now, so he doesn't point to nowhere when asking to see the coffin again or when leaving.
- Graphic glitch when offering something to Dread and then talking to him.
- Dialog option "You know, I used to go out with Governor Marley." at Dread's ship did not appear.
- Dialog options at the casino appear at the appropriate time now.
- Texts with broken lines fixed: Kate arriving at Phatt Island, Ralphie telling the winning number, and the library card for "Shiver Me Timbers".
- The gambler's club now tells the same number he told to Ralphie when asking before Ralphie played, to be consistent with his comment that he fixes only one number at a time.
- Water animation freezing on Dread's ship when looking at some inventory items.
- Lights did not flicker while Largo is at laundry.
- "Dem Bones" could hang after the first verse. That particular script I have completely rewritten. The script now is reliable in detecting slow graphics and knows wether the skeletons have enough time for another round before the next verse starts.
- Voodoo bag sound did not stop when cutscene is interrupted during shaking.
- Voodoo bag had no sound in chapter 4.
- "Pull rope" when already in inventory could cause various issues.
- Looking at Dread's map, Big Whoop map or Dem Bones lyrics at Rum Roger's could cause a script error.
- Dread brings you back to Scabb and leaves, once you got all map pieces. Script fixed.
- You don't get a library card in easy mode anymore, since it apparently wasn't considered in the scripts and really could break things.
- Color problem at Stan's.
- If you changed rooms too fast, Scabb music did not stop on Dread's ship.
- Guybrush's shirt color during the diving scene.
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