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My opinion of Traviss is well documented throughout this forum, but I'll clarify it a little - I have no problem with people liking her work, but it's not for me.

I liked the first few Republic Commando books, but her other work in the Star Wars universe was unforgivable, not least because she gladly admitted never having read a single book or even watched the damn films before writing about the universe at large. This lack of knowledge was plain to see right from the start, beginning with her 'only 3 million clones in the galaxy' claim.

There's something very wrong with an author writing for with no knowledge of how large the lore for it is. It's not entirely her fault, but her bragging about not knowing anything about Star Wars certainly did her no favours.

Although the worst thing by far was her insulting behaviour towards fans who disagreed with her - calling them 'Talifans', and equating anyone who defended the Jedi with the Nazis.

Criticism is part of being an author, especially a Star Wars author - that kind of behaviour is just unacceptable, and unbecoming of anyone who wants to be considered a serious author.

Originally Posted by Mandalorian Mercenary
I personally think she should've finished the series, she could have always found another publisher or something.
That wouldn't be possible - Lucas Licensing has an exclusive contract with Del Rey to publish anything with Star Wars on it.
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