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Originally Posted by Teeth View Post
Just came across this really weird thing when I offered Captain Dread the monocle before ever speaking to him:
Guybrush: Would you like my monocle?
Dread: Thanks, mon. I've been looking for a new sailing necklace.
Guybrush: .........Hello?
Dread: Hello, mon!
I see. This only happens if you didn't talk to him before. It's the part of the script where he introduces himself. I guess, I should go right to "My name is Captain Dread" in this particular case then.
For some reason the vocal sound effects (Largo screaming, Governor Phatt eating/burping) are missing. Presumably the intention was to replace them with sound effects from the special edition?
I didn't to anything to those scripts yet. They were a mess to begin with and tent to fail. I'll see if I can fix that.
The cook and the bar keeper spit sample will only play in ScummVM and the DOS version plays FM sounds instead. This is intentional due to lacking sample polyphony, ie. those would interfere with the dialogs. (I did the same thing in MI1 on a few occasions.)
But one problem - due to the timing of the voices, when LeChuck turns into Secret Guybrush it doesn't sync up with the music anymore.
I see. This only happens when your subtitles are slower then the vocals. It works perfect when turned to the max or turned off. I think, I can improve the subtitle timing here (just like I did with the songs).

Originally Posted by DisapprovingOwl View Post
Another dialogue flub to report from me. On Scabb Island's beach, Fink's lines during his song about Scabb are muddled. He sang the lines "and if you'll listen to me gab, I'll tell you why I admire it" and "Oh, the people aren't too friendy, and the weather's not the best" in the wrong order. This is a problem with both the speech and the subtitles.
This was intentional. The recording is very strange and somehow sounds horrible in the original order. Maybe it doesn't matter in the SE, since they didn't even bother to beat match the vocals here. But since I did, I noticed that it sounds much better that way. I got the suspicion, that the singer actually got the lines mixed up when he recorded them.
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