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Originally Posted by DisapprovingOwl View Post
Having completed the game now, I haven't come across many dialogue bugs. A few instances exist where the dialogue doesn't match the audio due to changes made in the Special Edition (talking to the Antique Dealer about Visa, mentioning the Stretchy Strongman to LeChuck in the finale and a few others I forget right now), but as far as actual bugs that's about it aside from the instances I already mentioned.
Not all SE changes have the "match voice" mode implemented yet. That's definitely on my list.

Here is a list of all dialog changes I encountered:
Hi. I'm Guybrush Threepwood, ghost-busting stud. = Hi. I'm Guybrush Threepwood, LeChuck-busting stud.
Did I mention that I'm Guybrush the ghost-busting stud? = Did I mention that I'm Guybrush the LeChuck-busting stud?
Do you take Visa? = Do you take credit?
visa visa visa = credit credit credit
What is this? Midget wrestling? = I'm not dressed for wrestling.
I went out for a smoke. = I went out for a swim.
I don't suppose it's a Nintendo™ game = I don't suppose it's a LucasArts™ game
"The Story of Jello" = `The Story of Jelly`
"Grammy Award Winners of the Renaissance" = `Great Rock Musicians of the Renaissance`
I feel pretty. = That's a nice looking beard.
Oh, so pretty. = One thing's for sure...
So pretty and witty and wise. = I am never shaving this off.
I'm selling these fine Corinthian leather jackets. = I'm selling these fine leather jackets.
Hey, it's Zonker Harris in a dress! = Hey, it's Kyle Katarn in a dress!
Macintosh Grey? = Macintosh Red?
Cool, a Chuck E. Cheese token! = Cool, an arcade token!

and of course all the "helium"-songs.

Oddly enough, "I feel pretty." exists as a recorded line, despite it isn't used in the SE. I kept it at the antique, but changed it to the replacement at Rum Roger's when in "match voice" mode.

Interesting thing about the "You know, this doll reminds me of the Stretchy Strongman I had as a kid." line. I didn't notice, because it's only the voice acting which was changed. The original line is still in the SE subtitle file.
Did you notice more lines not in the list above?
Love what you've done with the credits - did it take much effort and reworking to get the music to transition differently to include the bone song and campfire theme?
The tweaking took some time (I added the end scene boot param for a reason). The entire cast is match to the beats.

Btw., I noticed something interesting during testing. When in PC speaker mode, there is a completely different medley during the end credits. It is somewhat longer than the AdLib and MT-32 versions. And it loops into the LeChuck theme at the end.
At the moment it waits for the song to do a full loop, which means a lot of the suggestions still have the full version of the song playing over them.
Well, the transition wouldn't work without the whistle over it, thus it only works at the beginning of the song. I could start the song from a later point instead of the beginning, but this would probably sound rather silly.
Also, I loved the placeholder text in the Ultimate Talkie edition credits. XD Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet and all that... cracked me up when I noticed. I assume they'll be replace with names as more people test and submit suggestions, but it was awesome to see.
Of course. I needed something to test the formatting, and since there was no beta yet, there can't be any beta testers, right?
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