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Originally Posted by DarthStoney View Post
Yes it is, but by the time you've entered as HK47(after Atris fight) you should have already gotten it. For some reason it wouldn't run the "old" k_232_enter script properly for the second enter. (I did get this fixed for the updated USM patch and testers have verified this time) Still having issues with the (907)Malachor cutscenes though.

Hey Hey..I dont know if this has been addressed but i have little time and its happened once or twice before.
907Mal is giving me a game stopping problem. Its only (i think) if Im darkside and its when the party confronts Kreia. did a little research and I believe its specifically 907kreiapart...i think.
When brianna walks up to kreia and ignites her saber it cuts to the PC standing in front of a rock wall looking dumb. You cant hit escape or anything, its just stuck and you have to hit ctrl-alt-del to get out of the game.
Using KT i noticed that there is a 904Kreia.dlg in 904Mal.mod and a 904Kreia.dlg in 907Mal.mod...weird. but looking in 907Mal.mod is where i found 907kreiapart.dlg which i believe might be the culprit.
This dosent happen when im lightside and I did go to the HK factory and start up the hk-51's...
Wondering if Stoney or Zybl or anyone knew what was up with this?
Thanks yo!
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