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Darkness. Warmth. A hazy fog of sleep interrupted by whispers.

"Tandra? It's me, Nurse Meilan. I've got your medicine. Are you all right?"

The dark-haired woman, still beautiful in her forties, opened her eyes. "It's morning already? I can't believe it. It seems like I fell asleep an hour ago..." She sat up in bed, where she saw a cup with two pills being offered to her.

The Twi'lek smiled, speaking in Basic instead of her native tongue. "Actually, twelve hours ago. We still haven't gotten your sedative dosage right, but your psychotropic pills seem to be doing their job. Any nightmares, hon?"

Tandra Kerthian shook her head. "No, thank the gods, or the Force, or whatever is out there. You say you haven't gotten my dosage right, but the longer I can go without...seeing them...the better. They only appear in my dreams, although I can speak to the dead if someone asks me to conduct what my ancestors would call a 'seance'. As a matter of fact, someone did."

Nurse Meilan's eyes grew wide. "Who?"

Tandra grinned. "I'm not telling. You might get both of us in trouble, I'm afraid." She popped the two pills in her mouth, swallowing sans water.

Nurse Meilan risked placing her hand on top of Tandra's. "Come, now. Out of all the nurses in this whole hospital, you know I won't tell. Who was it?"

"Joran," Tandra replied with a sad gaze. "Darth Sethos' men killed his wife and two children when they were raiding his home planet. Didn't even take them hostage. Just cut them down without a second thought." She shuddered. "Despicable people. If it's true that the Sith grow more powerful with each sentient being they kill, then Sethos must be nearly unstoppable by now."

The Twi'lek's gaze was tender. "Don't lose hope," she said. "As for Joran, I'll have one of our counselors come and talk to him this afternoon. Don't you worry--and don't you give him that seance he wanted." Turning to leave, she remembered one last thing. "Oh! Lunch starts in fifteen minutes, so you might want to show up to the day room in more than your hospital gown."

Tandra laughed. "Right! I'll see you then." Nurse Meilan gently shut the door.
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