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Originally Posted by Laserschwert View Post
Another suggestion: Is it possible to add the ambience sounds of the SE? Maybe via theoretical CD audio tracks?
This would have low priority. I might take a look at it later on.
Also: In the SE some voice files are processed on the fly to add effects like reverb (i.e. Elaine and Guybrush in the opening scene). Is it possible to add this? I'm not sure what kind of command line tools allow to process audio files this way...
I use SoX in my batch processing, which is a very powerful command line tool.
This sure would require some work, as I have to find all samples which needs to be altered.
I might look into it.
It seems odd, that those particular scene has real time processing, while most samples have effects already added, like Rapp Scallion and Stan in the closed coffin. (Stan variations are not implemented yet)
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