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His smile slowly faded from his face as the situation set in again, and his hands slowly slid from her wrists. Instead his hands shifted, and his fingers curled securely in between hers.

"Yeah, it's me." he said softly, rocking their joined hands back and forth gently on the top of her knees. He looked out the back viewport to see the dying fireball that was the Millenial. How does one answer that sort of question? "I..." he said quietly. He stopped, and then tried again. "Most of the pods looks like they jettisoned." Sal turned again to look up at her, his fingers tightening gently against her hands. "There's a good chance that most of them escaped..."

Even as he said it, he knew the falsity of that question. The pods weren't built for more than two people, and even though more could be it...that fireball was so massive, and the shockwave so violent that there was a good chance that even those that did manage to get on a pod wouldn't survive to land on the asteroid. But he didn't want to be realistic right now. Realistic was too grim.
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