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((NOTE: Please don't kill this unassuming fellow yet. He has a part to play...))

The Dwarf, aged and having been without a beard for nigh on fifty years, could only give a start and sprint toward the chaotic scene before him. It seemed that a carriage had just crashed and tipped over on its side. That much was obvious, but the cause of the accident was not. The carriage had not run into a post or a brick wall. Indeed, it had been traveling out in the open, seemingly minding its own business, when suddenly...A burgeoning crowd was beginning to swarm, like bees to a hive or flies to a corpse.

"Keep back! Keep back!" shouted half a dozen young men who were just now arriving. Police officers, from the look of their brandished pistols and dark navy uniforms. This is just what I need, thought the Dwarf. A multitude of meddling morons who are trying to shove me out of the way, and lawmen besides! If this is not the work of blind Fortune, then it's foul play. Murder. Exactly what my comrades and I set out to eliminate through...Agh! Why didn't I join them, wherever they are? Why did I tell them I'd watch and wait? They're all somewhere hidden, safe and warm, whereas I'm--I'm a fool!

Yes, indeed. He was a fool. Brom Gearturner, of the Clan of Broken Stone, had lost his only chance for salvation. He had informed his fellow Creators that he would serve as a sentinel, a watchman of the world on the ground. The fallen world, which was scheduled for its final reckoning any day now.

Unless I do something to save those who are truly good. Perfectly pure.

Would it be able to discern those who were, and who were not?

Of course. That's what we designed it to do. Her. The arachnid is a female. A mechanical queen spider impervious to damage, either magical or not. If my mental arithmetic is correct, she will reach this city in 24 hours' time. If I find even one person who's worth saving in this filthy place, then I'll take them with me. Somewhere where we can contact the rest of my brothers and sisters, and then we will join them where they are. If not--well, then I'll have to flee alone. Not even I can control her after what the five Engineers did.

A sudden shiver ran down Brom's spine. Maybe that's why they didn't try harder to convince me to leave the Tunnels! I was just the construction foreman! A pawn!

Abandoning his previous plan in the span of a heartbeat, Brom turned and fled. If he were quick, he would leave the city in enough time to escape.

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