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There's a fine line between Good and Evil; Xan does his best to stand right in the middle. Of all the childish things out there, the concept of "Good" and Evil" is the most ridiculous. These two factions did things not for money, but for stupid things like pride and honor. What bugged him the most about Good and Evil has to be the factions that represent them; the Jedi and Sith. Now Xan had no real problem with Jedi or Sith, its just that he's confused by their ways. Why save a life because its the right thing to do when you can save a life because you were payed to?

Xan only cares about the important things in this world, like credits. The only thing he likes more than credits would have to be himself. He doesn't do the things he does for honor or to gain more power, No he does them because its what's best for him. That's why Xan accepted the contracts from Sethos. He personally didn't care what Sethos did, he just knew that he could get rewarded.

If only Xan had known this would involve a visit to a hospital. While Xan wanted to go search for Lyna Honso, he had no idea where to begin his hunt. He did know the location of a Tundra Kerthian. Perhaps she would be able to locate her. Xan shook his head as he opened the door and walked in.

"C-Can I help you?" asked a man at the front desk who was startled by Xan's appearance.

"Yeah, I'm looking for my friend. His name is Thoran Ysst," Xan said as he walked up to the desk.

The man looked down at the screen to search for Thoran Ysst. "Just a moment sir, and you're going to need to remove your weapons," he said without looking up. A few moments passed before the man spoke again. "I'm sorry but there's no Thoran Ysst here." The man looked up only to find a blaster pistol pointed at his head.

"Well isn't that a shame. Now then listen very carefully to me. I don't want to kill you, or anyone else in this place...but try anything funny and I will. I'm going to be taking someone out of here. I never came in here, you never saw me, and the patient I take doesn't exist. Got it?"

The man at the desk gulped but slowly nodded his head. Xan lowered his aim and started to walk past him.

"Good boy." Xan pistol whipped the man in the back of the head. He typed Tandra's full name in and got the room she was staying in. He smiled as he left the man to his nap and ventured down the hallway.
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