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The attack Gatoa got on Asuka seemed to make the monstrous Takeda angrier. He continued his relentless assault on Gatoa with every intention on dicing him into pieces. He let out yet another roar as he attacked Gatoa.

Specter moved to where Naruto and Kaneda were. He stared down at Naruto as he did his best to help Kaneda. Had he still had hatred in his heart he could have taken this opportunity to strike Naruto down. Fortunately he had moved passed that event and now knew Naruto had nothing to do with what happened. Instead he created two portals on opposite sides of one another. He created two large fireballs and threw them atone portal. The fireballs traveled between the two portals and created a temporary barrier to cover the three while Kaneda started consuming whatever Naruto had to offer.

In any normal situation, Takai would be smiling at his handy work. This however was a different situation and called for different tactics. Yes he had taken some control of Takeda's body when Takeda was trying to activate his seal. He also did the same motions, therefore activating not only Ice but Dark as well. The end result was the monster that was currently attacking Gatoa. Takai had seen what Naruto was doing through Takeda's eyes, wherever they were.

Takai knew that Kaneda would need more time before he could join the fray again, Until then he would have Takeda fight in this state to stall for time. Perhaps when Kaneda was fully ready both he and Takeda would have enough power to finished Gatoa off once and for all.

The image of Asuka being hit and thrown like a ragdoll played in Takeda's head over and over again. Black energy began to form on the blade arms as he still swung at Gatoa. Without saying anything he mimicked Takai's Crescent Moon attack and released the two waves of black energy. He then quickly went back into his sword frenzy.
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