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I downloaded it overnight and played it just now(morning before school) and it was really cool. I'll save calling it amazing until I have the full game and get into the 1000/1000 gamerscore club with it within a week .

I think what they did visually is a big improvement, graphically for almost everything, only place I found that lacked any detail at all, was in the hallway escape scene that you have to dash for your life, if you break the window with rain pouring on it before that module(?) begins, it looks horrible, but thats only one small thing. I guess that's how they saved a little bit of time since that area gets covered by debris real quick. I like the lightsabers now, a little bit slimmer but not too slim like the earlier demo they showed us. I did like the fat sabers from TFU1 but these are just as good. Force Grip is a lot different from TFU1's grip. To me it's not 100% better, since I thought it was already really good, it's just different feeling. The sabers weren't bad but hopefully theres more combos in the full game. And I love the new Push and Repulse.

I think I'll definitely see Shem online playing the demo later today lol

"All too easy."
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